PTE Score Reporting

Score Reporting

As PTE is a computer-based exam, the correction is done by the computer which is known as an automated scoring system. The quality of the answers given by the student will be checked through enabling skills. Two types of scoring appear in PTE exam – correct or incorrect and partial credit scoring.

Correct or incorrect:

If your response is correct you will receive 1 point if it is incorrect or not attempted you will not receive any score point for that question.

Partial credit scoring:

If your response is correct, you will receive maximum score points for each question. If your responses are partially correct, you will not receive full points but less than the maximum score points. Three item types in PTE is having partial credit score: Multiple – choice, choose multiple answers (Reading), Multiple – choice, choose multiple answers (Listening) and Highlight incorrect words (Listening).

PTE scores are totally based on the student’s performance on all item types. The overall score for PTE is based on 10 – 90 points.

Communicative skills:

Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening are the communicative skills tested here. Each communicative skill will be given the points 10 – 90.

Enabling skills:

Grammar, Oral fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written discourse are the enabling skills tested here. Each enabling skill will be given the points 10 – 90.

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