PTE Do's & Dont's before exam

Do's & Dont's

  • Do have a good night sleep the night before the exam date.
  • Be in the exam center before 30 minutes with a valid ID proof.
  • You will be provided with erasable note board booklet. So use it to take any notes if required for any question type.
  • Do check the headphones. Any problem with the headphones, let the member of the staff know beforehand so that you may not face the problem when you begin the test or in between the test. As the test time will not be paused because of these reasons.
  • Under any circumstances, if you face any software or hardware glitches, let the member of the staff know. They will resolve the issue.
  • Before you proceed to the next question, make sure the answer is right. Rest of them is wrong. Be careful with multiple choice, multiple answers (Reading), multiple choice, multiple answers (Listening) and High light incorrect words (Listening) as these three questions have partial credit.
  • Strictly follow the rules, regulations and the instructions. Any breach of these – you will be mentioned as “No Show”.
  • Don’t carry any personal items such as mobiles, pagers etc as these are not allowed inside the exam hall. If you still want to carry these – you can give them to one of the staff members to store in a safe place. But do collect all your belongings once you are done with the test.
  • If you remain silent for 3 seconds in speaking test – the microphone will close.
  • Don’t write everything in CAPITAL LETTERS. But do mention capital letters whenever it is needed.
  • Don’t click the previous button as you cannot navigate back to check the answers or attempt it later. Make sure you are confident with your answers before you hit the Next button.