GRE Exam Details

Exam Details

The GRE evaluates the individuals on their analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills that are not pertaining to any genre of study but skills that are required in the advanced study regardless of its field. Let us see in detail how these skills are assessed in the three sections:

Universities prefer using GRE scores as this test is reckoned as highly precise when it comes to determining the analytical and reasoning ability of students. It is accepted by universities worldwide. Hence, it holds high significance for students who wish to enroll in masters or other advanced degrees in foreign universities. 

GRE Exam type


Time allotted

3 hours 45 minutes. 


A 10-min break after the third section of the test.



Analytical writing

This module contains one section having two tasks. Candidates have 30 minutes to answer each task. 

Quantitative reasoning

This module has two sections containing 20 questions per section. Candidates have 35 minutes per section to answer the questions.

Verbal reasoning 

This module also includes two sections with 20 questions in each. Candidates have 30 minutes per section to answer the questions. 


This section contains unscored questions that may have been included to test their suitability for future use or compare scores of the new version of questions to the older ones. The score awarded in this section will not be considered in the final course. 


A test may have a research section instead of an unscored section. Questions in this section are only for ETS research use, and marks obtained here are not counted in the final score.