ELTS General Slot Booking

ELTS General Slot Booking

Want to appear for the IELTS General Training test? Book a slot by following the simple steps:

Step 1: locating the nearest centre 

First step is locating the nearest test centre. To make this step hassle-free for the applicant the IELTS administration provides the following link: Find my nearest centre. Here, you just need to enter information regarding your location and you can find the IELTS test centre near you. 

Step 2: registering for the test 

The applicant can register for the test through online and offline mode. One can fill the form and pay the required registration fee online or download the form and submit it along with the registration fee to their nearest centre. The registration fee is 14,700 rupees. 

Each applicant must keep a copy of their valid identity document that they will also need to present during the day of the test. 

Step 3: confirmation of the registration 

The application will get processed and shortly you will receive a written confirmation of the same. The confirmation will also include the date and time of your test. The speaking test, on the other hand, can be taken from any day lying in the range of one week prior or after the day of the test. The test centre will recommend the day to the test takers.