CELPIP is an acronym that stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. CELPIP, like IELTS, is a Canadian-specific English language competence exam. The certificate can be used to apply for further education, employment possibilities, or to demonstrate English language competency when applying for Canadian PR (permanent residence) or immigration to Canada.

Entering the pool

All Express Entry applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English or French (or for extra points, both). This includes natural English and French speakers, regardless of where they are from or what school they attended. Express Entry is a fair playing field, and every point counts as candidates compete for the coveted invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Language criteria were developed for the purposes of entering the Express Entry pool, according on which of the three programmes that individual may be qualified for.

CELPIP General Exam

IRCC, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia all recognise the CELPIP General test. The candidate’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are assessed in the CELPIP General Test.

The CELPIP-General Test is a common test taken by people seeking permanent residence status in Canada through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Start-up Visa Program, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and a variety of Provincial Nominee Programs. This test is also appropriate for individuals seeking for work.

Why should you go with CELPIP?

  • The CELPIP Test is a Canadian test that uses Canadian English and accents. Individuals who want to come to Canada and adjust to life in the country will gain by using the English that they hear and use in their daily activities. Test takers who have been immersed in Canadian culture will comprehend and connect to the Canadian English and accents utilised in the CELPIP Test more easily.
  • The CELPIP Test is entirely computer-based, allowing test takers to complete all test components in a single sitting with no further appointments or interviews. CELPIP test takers perform the Reading and Writing components of the exam with a computer mouse and keyboard, and the Listening and Speaking components with a computer microphone and headphone.
  • The CELPIP Test results are available online in eight working days. Test takers can also choose Express Rating so that their results are available online in three business days.


There are three methods to register for the CELPIP Test:

  • Online, via mail, or in person
  • Online registration is available.

Those who live outside of Canada and will be taking the test exclusively outside of Canada must register online.

  • Check that you have a genuine identity document.
  • To make an online payment, you needed a valid credit/debit card.

CELPIP Test Online Registration Procedures

  • Visit the CELPIP’s official website.
  • Fill out all of the required information.
  • Choose a test date and location.
  • Make a payment online.

Important Notes Regarding CELPIP

  • CELPIP-General, CELPIP-LS, and CELPIP-Academic are the three types of exams.
  • CELPIP-General, often known as “CELPIP-G,” is required for CEC.
  • The CELPIP-LS stands for Canadian Citizenship.
  • As the name implies, CELPIP-Academic is designed for academics.
  • The test is divided into FOUR categories, similar to IELTS (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening)
  • CELPIP registration is $250CAD + Tax, which is less expensive than IELTS.
  • The test is very recent, having been developed by UBC with different criteria than IELTS. Furthermore, the exam is only available in Canada.

What should I bring to the test?

  • You must bring the original, legal picture identification with you.
  • The following forms of picture identification are acceptable:
  • booklet for a passport

The United States Passport Card Refugee protection claimant document* Travel document** Emirates ID* (only valid in the UAE) * Every time you register for a test, CELPIP must pre-approve expired refugee protection claimant documentation. Please submit a scan or image of your expired Refugee protection claimant paperwork to info@celpip.ca for approval.


**A Travel Document particularly refers to the following documents:

Certificate of Identity OR Refugee Travel Document

CELPIP General Test Length Specifications

All three portions total 180 minutes in length:

  • 30 minutes of listening
  • 30 minutes for speaking
  • 120 minutes of reading and writing


The hearing component assesses a person’s ability to understand spoken English in ordinary circumstances. It is made up of the following sections:

Part 1: Associating Statements with Pictures Part 2: Responding to Questions

Part 3: Recognizing Similar Meanings

Part 4: Understanding Dialogues

Part 5: Participating in Conversations


The speaking portion assesses a person’s ability to converse verbally in English. It is made up of the following sections:

Part 1: Frequently Asked Questions

Part 2: Using Graphic and/or Tabular Materials to Interpret

Telephone (Part 3) Conversation, role-playing, and a news item

Part 4: Topical Oral Response

Reading and writing in general

The reading and writing portion evaluates a person’s overall reading comprehension and composition abilities. It is made up of the following sections:

Part 1: Letter Reading and Replying

Part 2: Diagrams and Tables to Read

Part 3: Finishing a Paragraph

Part 4: Passages to Read and Questions to Answer

Part 5: Writing Guided Compositions

Results and Scores

Candidates will be able to access the CELPIP Test results online in eight business days. Those who want a CELPIP score quickly can select Express Rating and receive their results online in three working days.

Candidates are notified via email when their CELPIP score is ready. Candidates can view their scores on their CELPIP account online. They can examine the results for two years after the test date.

Additional CELPIP Official Score Report Fee: $20.00 CAD + tax

Other Important Information

 In CELPIP – General, you must complete the following tests in the following order: Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are all forms of communication.

– You can’t go back after you’ve moved on to the next section.

– You can skip the lesson, but if you don’t click ‘Next,’ the screen will automatically go to the next part.

– To take notes, you will be provided a pen and paper.

– The audio snippets are only played once.

– A spell-checker and a word-counter are available in the writing area.

– You’re in a testing room with other people. Expect some background noise during the speaking portion.

– If you talk too loudly into the microphone, the supervisor may remind you.